Hot Off The Press: Asbury Park Music Foundation Grantee Update

Asbury Park Music Foundation Beat Bus

We are so excited to share this update from the 2019 Grant Recipient Asbury Park Music Foundation with you all! It is incredible how much they’ve accomplished so far with their Impact grant despite the very challenging circumstances.

The APMF #BeatBus is our mobile classroom; since schools have been closed and classes have become virtual, our students are learning differently, but they’re still ‘on board,’ even if we can’t be there with them in person.

While the program launched a month behind schedule due to more logistical requirements than anticipated and slower hiring of additional staff due to delayed background checks due to COVID, it quickly accelerated once launched and they even completed one creative project planned for 6 weeks in less than two weeks!

As Program Director Ryan Gaumond shared, “while we initially planned on rolling out remote learning in the later development of the program, COVID-19 has since pushed us to quickly start integrating blended learning practices immediately. This challenge has turned into a huge advantage for our program. Engaging students in remote collaborative projects is helping to minimize feelings of isolation and alleviate the stress caused by COVID.”

Check out this impressive list of accomplishments made possible thanks to Impact funding you all awarded!

  • Students received a standing ovation at the Paramount Theater for their “We Are Rising” Video/Live Production, which reached +1500 audience members. The collaboration project with the AP schools for Black History Month featured:
    –  Historical Lesson of Asbury Riots
    –  Collaborative, student-created musical composition across schools
    –  Field trip recording session at Lakehouse Recording Studio
    –  Hands-on music video shoots, including an on-location field trip to Asbury Lanes
  • Tribute to Class of 2020: Students completed a graduation video and are in the development of APMF’s first virtual music production. This video is one example of a student project that evolved due to COVID. Asbury Park High School was planning a virtual graduation and wanted to present a tribute to its students through media. Following is the URL of the student-produced video created for the community.

Watch the tribute here!


  • Project-Based Curriculum has been developed. Accelerated the expansion of the program’s curriculum to include more topics such as Virtual Reality, 3.D. modeling, Augmented Reality, and Interactive Design. This expansion into new technologies was originally anticipated for year 2 but was accelerated into the program given the challenge of teaching audio tech, which is hard to do virtually and was originally intended to support live music performances.
  • Audio, Video, Technology & Classroom equipment has been purchased. COVID has put a halt on some aspects of the intended programming, however, students are back in the classroom and are also being encouraged to work on project deliverables outside of class time, while offered remote support by their instructors.
  • The Asbury Park Music Foundation space has been redesigned including room painted and modular workstations installed. Both APMF and Boys and Girls Club are ready to host classes when social distancing rules are scaled back.
  • Professional volunteers have been identified at key businesses in Asbury Park to integrate into project-based lessons. In response to restrictions due to COVID, local musicians are being integrated into online collaboration projects.
  • Student recruitment goals have already been surpassed! A collaboration with the AP schools attracted a large base of 20 students who were onboarded into projects prior to COVID and further outreach is now underway thanks to the transition to online learning (an additional 10 students to date).
  • Wonderful World Project: With the reopening of the APMF space last month, their Music Business & Technology program is now being offered both virtually and in-person! They’re able to offer the program thanks to the grant that they received from Impact 100 Jersey Coast earlier this year! WATCH NOW!

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