To unite and engage women in philanthropic giving to help create an equitable, thriving community for all.


We are a women’s grantmaking collective that funds high impact grants to strengthen local nonprofit organizations addressing unmet needs of underserved populations in our community.


As a grantmaking collective, our goals are to:
  • Help women to amplify their philanthropic giving and provide a forum for them to share their time, talent and experiences to make a positive impact.
  • Ensure that our giving circle is inclusive and encompasses the richness of ideas, perspectives, and the participation of women representative of the broad diversity of our community.
  • Create a space for learning and conversations that helps raise awareness of the unmet needs of underserved populations in our community. 
  • Raise awareness of historic and systemic inequities and injustices, so often at the root of the in equality and disparity experienced by underserved communities throughout Monmouth County.
  • Leverage educational opportunities so we can enhance our grantmaking with a keener understanding of how we can best support, identify and partner with nonprofit organizations across our community.



We aim to be responsive to our communities by seeking input and feedback from all our stakeholders, maintaining awareness of social issues and trends in philanthropy and reflecting upon current efforts to learn and evolve. 


We strive to create a sense of belonging by welcoming diverse perspectives and voices in our leadership, membership and grantmaking to ensure our collective is accessible and inclusive.


We foster a collaborative culture built on teamwork, shared purpose and mutual support both within our organization, and with the community organizations we work with.


As stewards of our collective resources, we are conscientious in our financial duties
(including prudent spending, financial analysis, and grant agreements). We are committed to an equitable and transparent grants process, to maintaining professional and ethical behavior in all that we do, and to keeping our membership informed so we can be an effective, impactful grantmaker and community partner.


We listen to, welcome and respect the rights, perspectives, life experiences and traditions of others to help inform our decisions and actions.