Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is a formal Advisory Group committee that meets bi-weekly and is chartered by the full Advisory Group. The purpose of the this committee is to keep the lines of communication open across operating teams, support collaborative efforts, and make administrative decisions between formal AG meetings.

Advisory Group

Much like a Board of Directors, the Advisory Group (AG) sits above the organization and serves to define the mission, set broad strategic goals, administor governance, and provide oversight. While some AG members may have operations roles, the AG itself is not part of the operating structure.The AG functions as key decision makers for the organization, with operarations executing on the ground. As such, AG members may continue their operating role, event after their AG term has concluded, and likewise maycontinue to sit on the AG should they transition out of their operating role.

The following members are currently serving on the Advisory Group:

Advisory Group & Executive Committee Bios

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Jennifer Anderson

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Valerie Brett


Jennifer Berger Brown


Heather Burke

Rowena Crawford-Phillips

Ro Crawford-Phillips

Holly Deitz

Holly Deitz


Casey DeStefano

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Tricia Frankenfield

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Vanessa Grier

Lori Missing

Lori Missig

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Melissa Murray Bailey

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Betsy Newman

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Lia Papamarkou


Julie Pare

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Michelle Peoples


Gina Petillo


Mary K. Riley

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Stacy Ross


Deirdre Spiropoulos


Karen Waltz

Contact Page photo Anne Yeh

Anne Yeh


Tasha Youngblood Brown