2022 Grantee

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of Shore House is to empower and restore hope, self-worth and independence among adults living with serious mental illness. Through the Clubhouse program, Shore House provides access to education, employment and social opportunities. Shore House is New Jersey’s first and only internationally accredited Clubhouse for adults living with serious mental illness. Located at 266 Broadway in Long Branch, our Clubhouse is an evidence-based, mental wellness recovery program that improves health, reduces social isolation and elevates the economic status of some of the most vulnerable adults in our community.

THE PROJECT: The proposed project is a complete renovation of the first-floor programming space at our Clubhouse, including the addition of a commercial-grade kitchen. This project will enable us to increase our programming footprint and add components to our Culinary and Clerical Units, improving the transferrable skills our Members can attain and empowering them to enter or re-enter the workforce. The average daily attendance at our Clubhouse has more than doubled in the past year. We anticipate a 35% increase in membership in 2023, making this renovation imperative for Shore House to continue to provide the services that our Members need and deserve.