2022 Grantee

No Limits Cafe

MISSION STATEMENT:  No Limit’s Cafe’s mission is to Empower adults with intellectual disabilities by providing jobs and job training to help them lead fulfilling lives with our community and to increase awareness of their potential.

THE PROJECT: No Limits Cafe is a non profit restaurant employing adults with intellectual disabilities. The cafe has far more applicants than available jobs so we are creating the No Limits Cafe Training Program. The No Limits Cafe Training Program will train men and women with intellectual disabilities to work in the food service industry at other establishments. Our goal is to increase employment opportunities and raise awareness of the potential of this underserved population. We will have five 10-week paid training programs in 2023 with 5 trainees in each program. We will place each trainee graduate in meaningful employment outside of No Limits Cafe. We will then support that employee and new employer for a one-year period to ensure success.