Clean Ocean Action

2019 Grantee
Environment, Parks & Recreation

MISSION STATEMENT: The goal of Clean Ocean Action is to improve the degraded water quality of the marine waters of the NJ/NY coast and includes 115 organizations, hundreds of businesses and thousands of citizens who are united to protect nature’s most important resource: the ocean. COA’s unique coalition is a proven successful model which unifies groups to stop threats and reduce pollution to the waterways and ocean. The professional staff includes a PhD and an attorney, and the small yet mighty team applies research, education and citizen action with fact-based campaigns to implement environmentally-sound solutions to waterway pollution.

Youth spend too much social time with technology and not enough socializing with peers in thoughtful and productive activities or dialogue. They spend little time outdoors learning and marveling at its wonders. In fact, now the environment itself is a source of anxiety due to climate change, plastics, chemical pollution, and predicted mass extinction of wildlife. In response, COA seeks to turn its new office into a center of environmental stewardship for underserved communities where, through a strategic and well-defined program, high school students will be empowered to become mindful and resourceful leaders: Student Environmental Advocates and Leaders (SEAL) is based on COA’s years of successful student-focused program experience.