CFC Loud N Clear

2018 Grantee
Children & Families

MISSION STATEMENT: Loud n Clear Foundation 501c3 is a grassroots New Jersey registered nonprofit Recovery Community Organization providing a model relapse prevention program that supports all pathways to recovery through peer-driven and operated programs. They are committed to helping individuals and families struggling with addiction find, maintain, and strengthen their recovery through peer-based support, certified intervention and professional treatment guidance, community education and naloxone trainings, educational presentations, sober living homes, sober social activities, and reintegration into society through participation in the all-encompassing CFC Recovery Community.

The Family Preservation Program focuses on building a recovery-conscious family unit, healing each individual family member, and empowering the entire family unit in a unique, realistic, and interesting way. This program encompasses and involves the entire family by providing recovery-sensitive resources, education, and activities for both individual growth and family growth. CFC supports each family battling addiction with kindness, care, compassion, and empathy. This program strives to relieve the stigma and shame commonly associated with addiction and mental health, and simultaneously educates, heals, and strengthens the family unit. In turn, this creates stronger neighborhoods and healthy productive communities.