Community Affairs & Resource Center (CARC)

2021 Grantee
Children & Families

MISSION STATEMENT: Community Affairs and Resource Center’s mission is to empower the community and strengthen youth and families by promoting self-sufficiency through education, advocacy and collaboration.

THE PROJECT: Postpartum depression (PPD) is a serious condition that affects about one in seven mothers, and one in three low-income mothers. PPD has well-established consequences on infant development, including delayed cognitive development, behavioral issues, and the risk of developing depression or anxiety. Community Affairs and Resource Center’s (CARC) proposed project, ROSES, is an evidence-based preventative program that has been proven to reduce PPD in women by 50%. ROSES consists of a five-session bilingual education program using our university-developed curriculum, and nurse home visits before and after the baby is born. We are able to further support these new mothers with additional services provided by CARC and our network of community partners to address issues including food insecurity, domestic violence, and job training