Asbury Park Music Foundation

2019 Grantee
Arts & Culture

MISSION STATEMENT: Asbury Park Music Foundation’s mission is to provide music education programs for under-served youth and also run live music events to unite our diverse community, improve the economic well-being of residents, and preserve the City’s legacy as a destination where music lives and music gives.

THE PROJECT: Music Business & Technology Youth Program
This program engages low-income youth with a life-changing experience that leverages their passion for music into an education in technology and business. Creative, project-based learning will build skills in audio technology, video production and record label media promotion, while establishing self-esteem and talents aligned with music industry jobs. Creating a network of musicians and non-musicians will help shape the lives of students and give them a role in the music culture of our community. We will use music’s unique appeal to lead youth into learning tech-based career skills that increase their economic mobility.