The deadline to begin installments for 2022 membership has passed.  At this time, membership donations must be made in full for the 2022 membership cohort.  Please click here to make your donation in full before our March 15 deadline.  Please check back on March 16 to begin installment donations for 2023 membership or email for assistance.

Why are you offering an Installment Plan?
Numerous members and prospective members have asked about breaking up their Impact membership donation into installments. In response to these requests, we have designed an Installment Plan where members can enroll to have their credit card charged on a monthly basis.  The Installment Plan allows members to spread out the cost of their annual membership donation across multiple months.  

How does the Installment Plan work and what will my monthly installment payment be?
To enroll in the Installment Plan you should complete the Installment form. Your monthly payment amount is based on when you enroll in the program. The sooner you enroll the lower your monthly payments will be.  Please note that your full membership donation must be completed by March 15th.   Below is a table with installment amounts which are based on the month that you enroll in the program.

Impact Jersey Coast 2022 Membership Installment Plan
Base Donation
Number of Payments
Base # of Payments

 Why do my payments need to be completed by March 15? 

Every Impact member is required to fulfill her full donation by March 15th of the grantmaking year. Once all donations are received, Impact will announce our available grant funds on or around April 1st so the nonprofits can begin the grant application process.

Why do my total payments add up to more than $1,100?

The Installment Plan provides free financing by allowing members to break up their membership donation across multiple months. Online payments include a 3% credit card fee plus a Stripe transaction fee for each installment payment which may result in a slightly higher total amount.

Can I set my installments to charge my credit card on a specific day?

Installments are automatically deducted each month on the day of your initial payment. If there’s a specific day that you’d like the installments to hit we recommend enrolling on that date.

Can I pay my installment via check or other payment methods?

At this time, we do not have the administrative capacity to process installments for checks, third-party transfers (e.g. Donor-advised fund) or stock power.

Will I receive tax receipts for my installments?

You will receive an email confirmation for each installment donation which serves as your tax receipt. Please be sure to file and save each email confirmation for tax purposes.

What if I am unable to complete my Installment Plan?

If you need to cancel your Installment Plan enrollment please notify the membership team by emailing  Installment Plan payments made prior to cancellation are non-refundable and will be reallocated to our operating fund. At this time we are unable to process refunds. 

Does my membership automatically renew each year?

Your membership will only renew if you choose to participate in our Auto Renewal program by selecting the Auto Enroll option on your Installment plan form.  For your convenience we are offering an auto enrollment feature for future membership years that allows you to spread out the cost of the following year’s membership across 12 monthly payments.  If you are not interested in the program simply select the DO NOT Auto Enroll me option.  Impact will never auto enroll you without your permission.

How does Auto Renewal work?

If you choose to participate in the Auto Renewal program your 2023 membership installments will be divided into 12 equal installments of $95. Your first payment of $95 will be charged to your credit on or around March 16, 2022 and your last payment will be charged by March 15, 2023.


Is there someone I can contact with additional questions?

Our Membership Operations team is happy to answer any questions.  Please email