Evolving our Grants Process for 2022!

It’s been an impactful six years, during which we are proud to have awarded more than $2 million in transformational grants. Now, with a community dealing with the aftermath of COVID, a changing philanthropic landscape, and leadership transition at Impact underway, we find ourselves at a pivotal time in our organization’s journey. Each year we gather feedback from both inside and outside our giving circle to try to evolve and improve our grants process. To that end, we’re excited to share the following updates regarding our grantmaking for 2022:  

Increased Opportunity to Be a Finalist: We will increase exposure for Impact applicants by asking our five grant review committees to put forward up to two finalists each for consideration/vote by the wider membership.

The Addition of Mission Awards: We will continue to award grants in increments of at least $100,000. To maximize the reach and impact of our giving we will divide any excess funds among the remaining finalists in the form of Mission Awards, up to $10,000 each.

Our Continued Commitment To:

  • Welcome applications from any size non-profit as a sole applicant or as a collaboration, into any one of our five broad focus areas.

  • Fund operating expenses where needed for successful implementation of the proposal, including for all different types of program/project whether new or existing.

  • Engage in open dialogue with our grantees throughout the grant period and offer flexibility as needed given the challenges that they may face.

Our Dedication to Evolve By:

  • Exploring ways to further streamline our application and review process.

  • Striving to find ways to provide more nuanced feedback to our applicants.

  • Creating a task force that brings together a diverse cross-section of Impact members and community leaders to draw on current thinking and philanthropic trends and consider potential changes to our grantmaking to ensure it remains current and responsive to our communities’ needs.

For our Grants FAQ document, please click here.

Questions? Please contact grants@impact100JC.org.

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