When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in spring 2020, Impact members mobilized and improvised facing an unprecedented crisis in our community and world. 

An uncertain climate is balanced by our unity of purpose. Impact 100 remained committed to its mission to support local nonprofits and our fellow members. 

This moment taught us the value of community and has, we hope, made us all more grateful for the simple act of gathering that we once took for granted.  We have all had to learn to adapt,  be resilient, and be creative–qualities that our nonprofit community has modeled for us all along.

Along with so many other institutions, we continue to monitor the response to Covid-19 within our state with an overall objective to keep members safe and comfortable.  As we hope to move into more in-person events in the coming months we will continue to follow guidelines of the venues hosting us and the state guidelines. 

We will gather again in ways that are safe, responsible and help strengthen and enrich our Impact community. How, where, and when we come together may change…but the why remains constant.